Dumbells for home exercise

Kent and Medway Prehab provide exercise programmes and referrals for patients being treated for cancer, and a variety of other conditions where physical activity can be of benefit.

Research shows that patients who undergo surgery or treatment for cancer can recover earlier and improve their quality of life if they engage with a programme of prehab exercises. This can reduce the need for readmission to hospital and repeated interventions in the future.

The Kent and Medway Prehab team provide a variety of exercise resources on their website, which you can access at the link below. The website also provides information on how to make a referral to the service, so you can benefit from consultations with a trained instructor and receive a tailored exercise programme.

access prehab exercise resources

You can also follow Kent and Medway Prehab on Twitter for regular updates and more information about the benefits of taking part in a prehab programme.

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