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Valerie and Kevin’s Story

Valerie and Kevin’s Story

Hear how community dance sessions at a local library are supporting Valerie and Kevin to relieve stress, make new friends, get fit and active.

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Liam’s Inclusive Tennis Story

Liam’s Inclusive Tennis Story

Hear how Liam is benefitting from inclusive tennis sessions and how the sessions have been a catalyst for him and his new friends to do other things.

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Benefits of…Lifting Weights

Benefits of…Lifting Weights

All adults should aim to do activities that build muscle and strengthen bones and joints on atleast 2 days a week (as recommended by the UK Chief Medical Officer). Activities...

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Benefits of…resistance band exercises

Benefits of…resistance band exercises

Using resistance bands whilst exercising can be a great way to help improve your strength and flexibility, muscle stability and coordination. A versatile piece of equipment that can be added...

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