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For people with mobility issues, and particularly older people, falls can be a major health concern. Falls prevention classes can help you to build strength, balance and stability, in order to reduce the risk of falls and improve your wellbeing.

Falls prevention classes can provide a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialise with people like you, with the added benefit of getting some exercise in the process.

Below you will find some fantastic resources to inform you about falls prevention, as well as some details of ways you can access falls prevention classes in Kent and Medway.


Kent County Council

Kent County Council offers falls prevention classes in partnership with Kent Community Health Trust and Involve Kent, for people who are at risk of, or have a history of, falling.

Find out more about KCC Fall Prevention classes


Kent Community Health Foundation NHS Trust

KCHFT provides postural stability and falls prevention classes, by GP referral, for patients across the county. If you would like to find out more about the service, click the link below, and speak to your GP to see if the services are suitable for you. The KCHFT website also offers downloadable resources to help you learn more about reducing the risk of falls.

Find out more about KCHFT falls prevention service 


Connect Well

The Connect Well service provides a fantastic directory of groups and classes for people of all backgrounds and ages, in both West Kent and East Kent. Take a look at their site, browse the activities on offer, or search for “falls” in the keyword search to find falls prevention classes.

visit connect well west kent

Visit connect well east kent