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Trevor and John’s Wilder Wellbeing Story

Hear how Trevor and John feel the benefits of connecting with the natural word and making new friends to overcome anxiety and depression.

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Walking in nature has many proven benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. It can help our physical body, but it can also improve our cognitive and emotional health, change our brain and help us foster important practices such as mindfulness and gratitude.

We visited the Wilder Wellbeing Walking group organised by Kent Wildlife Trust on the Hothfield Heathlands site near Ashford. We spoke to Trevor and John about how the wilder wellbeing walks has helped them connect with nature and make new friends.

Trevor told us “I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for the last 30 years and for me, being outdoors is so good for me. I’ve met so many good friends here and we’re going to carry that on hopefully. Meeting new people, especially people who’ve had the same experiences, is really good. You know they get it”.

John added “These walks have really enhanced my freedom. It’s very important to carry on living and not give up”.

Give it a go!

Are you interested in joining a local walking group in your area? Take a look below for more information about the benefits of walking and find out how to get into walking here in Kent.

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