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  • 25 June 2021

Benefits of…bowls

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Mark LawrenceTunbridge Wells Everyday Active Champion

Playing bowls is usually associated with people aged over 55, but is in fact a great way to take gentle exercise at any age, while enjoying peaceful surroundings and good company. With more than 2,500 clubs across England, there is bound to be one near you. Each club usually charges a membership fee which can be between £40 and £150 per year, but will also normally provide free taster sessions so you can decide if bowls is right for you.

Here are some of the benefits of playing bowls:

Improves strength and balance

One of the biggest challenges that faces older adults is the loss of muscle through inactivity. The cumulative effect of this weakening of the muscles is that our balance is affected and therefore it becomes harder and harder to be active. Bowls may not quite be like weightlifting, where the object is to build big muscles, but walking up and down the green, and rolling the bowls can definitely offset muscle loss. Physical activities such as bowls can also help reduce risk of osteoporosis by offsetting the loss of bone cells.

Improves heart health

Physical activity, whether it is intense or leisurely, helps to improve your heart (vascular) health. As you can be walking on average three miles while playing, regular games or practice can help protect your heart from cardiovascular disease.

Improves cognitive health

Research is fairly conclusive that physical activity boosts brain health. Bowls requires co-ordination, mental agility and strategy. Refining your tactics, concentrating for long periods of time and maintaining mental alertness not only help you retain a good level of motor skills, they help with brain health too.

Improves mood, social relationships and enjoyment

Bowls is a community sport. It is a pastime where like-minded people come together to enjoy competition, camaraderie and some good physical activity. Many Bowls clubs put on social events and there are opportunities for volunteering which is also proven to help your sense of wellbeing.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about the benefits of bowls by reading this article from, and this article from the British Heart Foundation. To find a place to give bowls a try near you, click the button below to search Bowls England’s club directory.

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