Nordic Walking in Tunbridge Wells Borough

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FREE introductory Nordic Walking sessions delivered by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

What is Nordic Walking?

In Nordic Walking we use a pair specialized poles and a technique that harnesses the power of the upper body.  This helps us with balance, posture and builds strength in our whole body.  Nordic walking can provide either an intense or gentle workout depending on your fitness goals and general health.

Who is it for?

These sessions are primarily aimed at beginners to Nordic Walking and/or people who would like to be more active than they are.  Perhaps you have had an injury or ill health?  Maybe you used to walk a lot but are finding it harder now?  These sessions are suitable for all. The walk instructor will allow you to set your own pace and support your own fitness goals.

What do I need?

TWBC will provide Nordic poles for anyone that needs them but you are welcome to bring your own.  Sensible walking shoes or boots are recommended as some paths can be wet and muddy.  Dress for the weather but avoid clothes that restrict your movement.  A bottle of water would probably be sensible to carry, as well as any medications that you may need during exercise.

Booking a session:

We don’t currently have any dates set but will post these up as soon as we have them.

In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest, please email or call 01892 554411.


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