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Are you sitting too much? image

Are you sitting too much?

Most of us know that being active is good for our health. But more evidence is emerging that even if you exercise regularly, spending a lot of time sitting down...

Lucy TomlinsonActive Kent & Medway

Benefits of…running image

Benefits of…running

Running is a popular form of physical activity. It doesn’t cost a lot and you can run anywhere and anytime that suits you. Running is a great way to get...

Lucy TomlinsonActive Kent & Medway

Benefits of…solo exercises image

Benefits of…solo exercises

Exercising alone or at home, gives you the flexibility to work out when you want, where you want. Exercising on your own takes a lot of personal strength and discipline...

Lucy TomlinsonActive Kent & Medway

Benefits of…walking image

Benefits of…walking

The benefits of walking are almost endless, and whether you used to walk regularly, have no experience of walking for exercise, or even if you're living with mobility issues, walking can provide real benefits for your health and welbeing.

Rebecca TunicliffeExplore Kent

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Join the Movement have put together a summary to help you to better understand the government’s latest advice on how to stay physically active.

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How much is enough?

Want to know how much physical activity you should be doing? Read our guidelines to find out more.

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