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Swimming is a brilliant activity that benefits the heart and lungs as well as strengthening and toning joints and muscles. The water supports the body, meaning the impact on your joints is low, making swimming the ideal activity for people looking to get active for the first time, if you’re looking to manage a long-term condition or if you’re recovering from illness or surgery. We know it can feel daunting to go into a swimming pool for the first time though, so here are our top tips to help get you started:

Learn the basics

Many people will have learnt to swim but if you haven’t, don’t worry, there are swimming lessons for everyone available out there, even if you are fearful of the water. Beginners and aqua-phobic tuition will build your confidence of just being in the water. You don’t have to be ready to compete in the Olympics to give swimming a go – just spending time in the water and getting used to the environment is a great place to start.

Wear what you feel comfortable in

All you’ll need is a swimming costume or trunks, but If you wish to cover up, most pools allow you to wear whatever swimwear you like, within reason. Wearing a pair of goggles is a good idea to avoid the stinging sensation caused by chlorine in the water.

Check out the timetable

Turning up at the pool and finding it’s closed for a private booking or a specific session can be really off-putting. Your local pool’s timetable will provide a variety of sessions and timeslots to cater for all needs, so checking this out is a good place to start and you will probably find the right type of session for you.

Book in some “me time”

If you can, try setting aside a regular time to go swimming and stick to it. This will help you take some time for yourself and makes your commitment a bit firmer. If you want, go with a friend to help you both with your motivation, or take the kids – swimming is something the whole family can enjoy together.

Make a commitment

If you’ve been a few times and you think swimming might be for you, consider getting an annual swim pass if you can afford it. This should be more economical over the long term, and encourage you to go more often.

Take it from the experts

Getting tuition will improve your technique and your enjoyment, so even after you feel more confident in the pool and you’re building up your fitness, you could definitely benefit from tuition. Swimming clubs for all ages provide an opportunity to progress, if you would like to take it to the next level and be part of the swimming community!

Take the plunge

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