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  • 30 April 2020

Benefits of…swimming

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Chris WalkerActive Kent & Medway

Swimming is one of the easiest activities to get started with. It can be relaxing, leisurely or more energetic depending on what you fancy. There are swimming pools nearby to most people and a wide variety of activities to welcome you when you get there (for all abilities and ages), including women-only sessions, aquarobics, natal classes, lifesaving and often sessions for people with limited mobility or disabilities, as well as simple lane swimming and leisure swimming sessions. If you crave something more on the wild side, and if the weather is warm, wild swimming might be your thing (always follow guidance). If you can’t get into a pool right now, then you could try yoga fitness for swimming to get you started, or to give you some relevant exercises to do while waiting to be able to visit the pool.

Read on to find out some of the biggest benefits of swimming, to help you decide whether it’s the perfect activity for you.

Easy to get started

One of the best things about swimming is that you need very little kit to do it, and what you do need is inexpensive and easy to find. A pair of swimming trunks or a swimming costume is the only thing you really need. Taking part is easy as well – most towns have a swimming pool, and most swimming sessions are relatively inexpensive.

Low impact activity

Swimming is a supported exercise, which means the water helps to support your body and eases the stress and strain on your joints. This means that, unlike some other activities, which have a higher impact on the body, you can do it every day if you like, or swim as often as you want to.

Take it gently

If you’re getting back into exercise, swimming provides a perfect way in, as you can take it as gently as you like – you set the pace and the targets for how far you want to swim. Indoor pools are also a warm, supported environment, meaning you don’t have to brave the elements in order to get active!

Be part of a community

You don’t have to talk to anyone while you’re at the pool – it’s easy to keep yourself to yourself if that’s what you prefer, but by getting into swimming there’s also the chance to be part of the swimming community. Swimmers are a friendly bunch and will often be glad of a an excuse to stop, take a rest and chat.

Perfect all-round activity

Swimming is a really good, all-round activity which helps build endurance, tones and strengthens your muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps you maintain a healthy weight. There are opportunities for beginners to see real improvements in their health quite quickly, while swimmers who have been out of the pool for a while can dive straight back in and immediately start to see the benefits.

Are you ready to give swimming a go? Click the button below to find your nearest swimming pool, and take the plunge!

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