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Mental Health Swims is an award-winning, mental health peer support community, hosting free, safe and inclusive swim meet ups nationwide. Mental Health Swims believe in empowering everyone – people of all skin colours, body shapes, ages, sexualities, genders, backgrounds and abilities to enjoy the healing power of cold water and community.

Join them for a chat on the beach, a toe-dip, a paddle or a swim in the shallows. The Groups are firmly focused on dips, not distance and community, not competition. More than 350 volunteers have been trained to facilitate inclusive, safe and welcoming swims.

Mental Health Swims in Kent

All the swim hosts are volunteers and may sometimes take a break from hosting their swims. Please check a Swim Host’s social media or the events page to ensure you have the latest information before attending a swim meet up.






For information on safety and what to bring with you, please click on the link below:

Safety and FAQs

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Benefits of…swimming

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