Instructor leading a group exercise session

Stepping into a group exercise environment can be the perfect way for some people to start becoming more active. If you’re a social animal or you just don’t think you can motivate yourself to be active by yourself, taking the time to join a group could be a great way to get started. Here are our top quick tips for getting into group exercise.

Find a class or group in your local area

These days, group sessions take place in local gyms, leisure centres, village halls, schools and even local parks. Search local websites and ask friends, family, neighbours if they know of any local sessions, or take a look out our activity finder to find sessions near you. You might be pleasantly surprised to find what’s going-on on your doorstep.

Try out the class

Many instructors offer the first session for free to new participants. This is a great way to try out the class/group before you commit to future sessions. Just because you’ve been along once doesn’t mean you’re committed to a particular class! See what works best for you.

Clothing and kit

Speak to the Instructor before the session to find out what you need to wear and what equipment, if any, you need to bring along. For anyone new to group exercise, the prospect of joining a session can be daunting. Speaking to the instructor beforehand will help to reduce any worries that you may be feeling before you attend the first session.

Make a commitment

Once you’ve found something that’s right for you, try to commit to yourself and to the group to keep coming back for more. Signing up to a number of sessions at the start, will keep you motivated and committed to the group sessions.

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with the instructor and with other group members can help you to stay motivated. Many group sessions now have dedicated Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups to keep in touch. These social networks can be really useful in keeping you motivated and coming back for more.


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