This Girl Can Classes in Medway

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Great News! ‘This Girl Can’ Classes are coming to Medway.

Starting from 20 September, we kick off with five FREE classes.

This Girl Can Classes are for women and girls only (and suitable for pre and post-natal mothers). Some of the classes are suitable for mother and baby so childcare isn’t a barrier.

The programme of FREE classes will run for 24 weeks and you will receive a branded gift after completing each six week block. On your first visit you will be given a reward card to keep track of your attendance.


This Girl Can –  Free weekly classes for women and girls
Strood Sports Centre
Medway Park
Every Saturday



Every Thursday

Mum and Child Circuit (age 5+)


Every Saturday

Mother and baby (up to 1 year) Yoga 10:15-10:45am

Every Friday

Spin and Tone


Every Saturday

Mother and child (1yr to 12yrs) Yoga




There is a dedicated webpage where you can book the sessions:  This Girl Can Classes in Medway

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