Walks & Exercises at St. Margaret’s Church (Rainham)

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St Margaret’s Church in Rainham offer a number of activities and events for the local community to get active, socialise and improve health and wellbeing.

OAP Exercise Class

The OAP – ‘Overcome, Achieve, Prosper’ – Class is a fitness, wellbeing and social group run weekly by Becky McDonald, a personal trainer from ‘The Body Coaches’

When: Every Wednesday 12:00 pm up to 2:00pm 

Where: St Margaret’s Church, High Street, Rainham, Kent, ME8 8AN.

Cost: A donation up to £3.00 if possible.

Free Wellbeing Walks

When: Every other Wednesday contact walking.medway.gov.uk or visit the church for more info

TIME: 10:40am latest 12pm finish 

Where: Starts at the church and finishes at the church.

Walk on the Earth-on-Earth Day

To celebrate Earth on Earth Day, there will be 4 different walks all starting and finishing at St Margaret’s Church.

When: Saturday 22nd April 2023

For more information, please click on the link below:

St Margaret’s CHURCH Rainham