Sporting Memories Club (Medway)

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Sporting Memories clubs are dedicated to bringing older people together with the aim of making a positive difference in their lives by providing them with a welcoming, supportive and structured environment where they can develop emotional confidence to improve their lives for the better.

The Clubs provide social and physical activities that allow older people and all those connected with them, from family members and carers, to have fun whilst creating relationships and companionship with people in their local community.

The first hour of the club is devoted to talking and remembering past sporting events and activities and during the second hour residents will take part in light physical activity.

The club, which is dementia-friendly, aims to make a positive difference in the lives of older residents by providing a welcoming environment where they can develop relationships with people in their local community to help tackle loneliness.

When: Every Monday from 11:00am – 1:00pm

Where: Strood Sports Centre, Watling Street, Strood ME2 3JG

For more information, please call 01634 338763 or email:

Sporting Memories Clubs