Pilates in Sheppey

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Pilates is designed to elongate, strengthen and restore the body to balance. Our classes focus on specific areas whilst using exercise that integrate the whole body to restore it to its optimum muscular and skeletal function. Most classes are suitable for all abilities. You will need an induction with us prior to joining a class. These classes are on a pay as you go basis so there is a flexible time and option for everyone.

Antenatal Pilates – suitable for anyone after 14 weeks of pregnancy. You should gain consent from your GP/Midwife that you are safe to do exercise. This class focuses on maintaining mobility and building strength throughout the stages of your pregnancy.

Postnatal Pilates – suitable for anyone after six weeks of giving birth, you should be cleared for exercise at your six week check. This class focuses on stability and getting back into exercise after pregnancy. You will learn to recruit the deep stabilising muscles or the core and pelvic floor to reduce the risk of injury postnatally. This class also allows for your new baby to come along with you until they learn to crawl.

For more information, please visit www.osteopathsheppey.com or call us on 01795 437710.

Location: 15 Victory Street, Sheerness, ME12 1NZ.

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