Nordic Walking in Medway

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Nordic walking is a form of walking that uses specially designed poles to engage the upper body muscles and increase the intensity of the exercise.

The poles mean that effort is shared between the upper and lower body so it actually feels easier than normal walking, particularly uphill.

Nordic Walking puts less strain on joints than other activities and can be very effective for people with mobility issues or those recovering from illness or injury.

Benefits of Nordic walking

The benefits of Nordic walking include:

  • free walks led by trained walk leaders
  • you only need a pair of shoes (we provide the poles)
  • flat routes
  • supportive and fun atmosphere

Nordic walking is a great form of physical activity using a pair of specially designed Nordic walking poles.

It is a safe way to improve your natural walking technique alongside fitness levels by allowing the body to work in a balanced way.

Using Nordic walking poles means your walking becomes more efficient and increases the muscles working in the upper body. This means 90% of the body’s skeletal muscles are used, turning your normal walk into an all over body workout.

We offer up to 6-weeks of training that you are required to attend before joining a Nordic walking group. The course will teach you the technique required to join our regularly Nordic walking programme.

Poles will be provided for these sessions. We also offer a fast-track training session for walkers who have their own Nordic walking poles.

Join a walk

For more information contact 01634 333 720 or email

Nordic Walking for Health Conditions

Nordic Walking session on:

Every other Thursday 12.30pm- 2pm but contact below to make sure:


Location: Using the Anchorians field, Darland Avenue, Gillingham ME7 3AN