MJ Outdoor Adventures

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MJ Outdoors Adventures walk 2-3 times a month, with a mixed guided group walk in various parts of Medway (and some beyond). These will be on average 7-8 miles and attendees range from never having walked before to people who now have “the bug” and are signing up for walking marathons!  Walking on national trails, discover hidden woodlands, lunch by lakes, meet wildlife and share stories as we walk.

Women’s Wellness Walks 

MJ Outdoor Adventures use menopause training and experience alongside a love of walking to connect these wonderful women together. They no longer need to feel alone or confused about what is happening to their mind and bodies.

Walking 4-5 miles and these are always start near facilities to ensure the comfort of all attendees. These walks are for any ability, walk as fast as the slowest walker. No one is ever left out or made to feel unfit in any way. Bonding over shared experiences and learn from each other while laughing and enjoying each others company. They start often at Country Parks and walk through the trailed woodlands in a circuit.

Upcoming walks:

ST Andrews Lake WALK (Woodlands and Fields)

Date: Sunday 23rd June

Time: 10am

Cost: £5 per person

Location: Meeting at the entrance to St Andrews Lake, ME2 1BA

Terrain: Woodlands and fields.


For more information and contact details go on MJ Outdoor Adventures social pages below:

Instagram Page:  mj.outdoor.adventures/.

Facebook Page: MJ-Outdoor-Adventures