Home exercises for people with complex disabilities

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Sense is an organisation that supports people with complex disabilities. They have developed some activity resources, with guides to help people with complex disabilities to stay active.

Making Sense of Mini-Games

The Making Sense of Mini-Games resource is designed to help disabled people to be more active, with a booklet of suitable games and activities that can be enjoyed with little or no equipment or in any sized space. You can find step by step instructions included in each activity, as well as lists of equipment needed, how to make activities easier, harder or more sensory, and which outcomes can be achieved by taking part in the activity.

It’s been primarily designed for all people who support disabled people, whether they are parents, siblings, carers, support staff, sports coaches or volunteers. Disabled people who are independent may also use it as inspiration for their own activities. It’s applicable for all ages, and offers suggestions to activities that can be done individually, or within a group setting (where applicable).

Making Sense of Yoga

In partnership with experienced yoga teachers, Sense deliver a range of yoga classes across the country, to people of all ages with sensory impairments and complex disabilities. This resource has been developed in collaboration with these yoga teachers, and participants who attend their classes regularly.

This resource is suitable for practicing yoga teachers who wish to make their classes more inclusive for participants with sensory impairments and complex disabilities. It also provides an ‘introduction to yoga’ for people who are interested in attending a class, but may not know how it will work for them or the person they’re supporting.

Virtual classes

Sense are also offering bookable activity sessions, some of which can be joined online, with some offered as telephone sessions. You can see what’s available by searching Sense’s booking webpage at the link below.

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