FeelGood Factory – Thanet

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Image of the outside of Thanet's Feelgood Faxctory

Thanet’s two FeelGood Factory facilities provide power-assisted exercise equipment, designed for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems.

The venues offer 30-minute circuit workouts, which are designed to exercise all of the major muscle groups, while the facilities have come to be seen as community hubs, which not only help members to get fitter and healthier, but to connect with their communities and improve their wellbeing as well.

You’ll get the best workout by working along WITH the machine NOT against it! The FeelGood Factory truly brings you the smartest, easiest and most intelligent work out on the market.

There are FeelGood Factory facilities in Ramsgate at Ramsgate Leisure Centre and in Margate at Hartsdown Leisure Centre.

To find out more about the facilities and to get going, please follow the link below:



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