Dover Road Runners

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Dover Road Runners Athletics Club is a vibrant running community based in Dover, Kent. Our focus is on road running, and we welcome runners of all abilities. Whether you’re training for races, aiming for personal bests, or simply want to connect with fellow local runners, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what you can expect from our club:

Structured Training Sessions: Join us on Tuesdays for structured training sessions at various seasonal venues around Dover, including the Duke of York School running track. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, our sessions cater to all levels.

Social Bonding: The social aspect is a big draw for joining a running club, and we take pride in being super friendly. Plus, we’re the kings and queens of race buffets!

Supportive Community: Our leaders and members are there to support each other. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, chasing that personal best, or simply need encouragement, we’ve got your back.

Race Days: Don’t underestimate the fun of heading out on weekends with a group of friends from the club. Racing together creates memorable experiences, regardless of your pace or distance.

Local Running Paradise: Living in this part of Kent is a blessing for runners. From cliff-top trails to long, flat seafronts, we’ve got it all. Just be prepared for a hill or three along the way!

Challenges and Fun: We love creating running challenges to keep things exciting. Whether it’s themed runs, virtual races, or quirky events, we’re always cooking up ways to make running enjoyable.

So lace up those running shoes, join the Dover Roadrunners, and let’s hit the road together! For more details check our official website. You’ll find a supportive community, great company, and plenty of running adventures!

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Phone: 07753 502622