Carers Active – Activity & Wellbeing Videos

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two people doing seated exercise

Carers UK is the UK’s only national membership charity for carers. Looking after someone can be a rewarding experience but it can also be lonely and bewildering. At these times, you need people around you who really understand caring.

Carers UK know that time constraints can mean it’s challenging to be able to do full length exercise sessions or go to the gym. That’s why, through the Carers Active project, they’ve produced a series of short video workouts and bitesize functional exercises that feature real carers alongside instructors.

The videos can be accessed in a way that works for you, at home, and at a time that is convenient, while providing an inclusive and fun way to feel the physical and mental benefits. The workouts cover a range of activities including dance, boxing, Pilates, and seated exercise.

To access all the free workouts and wellbeing videos, please follow the link below:

Carers Active Workouts & Wellbeing Sessions