Broadstairs Sailing Club

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Overlooking Viking Bay, Broadstairs Sailing Club offers the opportunity for all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of sailing.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you’re a little rusty, the club offers a friendly and supportive environment for people to learn and develop their sailing.

Sailing offers so many great benefits to health and wellbeing both physical and mental as well as providing a sense of community and togetherness that many members of the club find invaluable.

Everyone is so friendly, there is a real family atmosphere where everyone looks out for one another.  We have such an age range from 6 through to people in their 70’s still sailing.  If you need help someone is always willing to lend a hand

Something that you don’t need to worry about is needing a lot of expensive equipment.  Members can rent one of the club dinghies and there is no need for expensive clothing. Shoes such as plimsoles, comfortable clothing and a waterproof jacket is all you need to get started.

An adult membership will cost around £95 for a whole year with a one off joining fee of £40.

For further information please visit the website below:

Broadstairs Sailing Club


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