Active 10 Walking Routes – Gillingham

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Gillingham Map

Gillingham Great Lines Heritage Park

Total length: 1.7 miles
No. Active 10s: 3

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Gillingham is a busy and bustling Medway town, and is the second most populous town in Kent after Maidstone. However, despite its size and population density, there are plenty of green spaces dotted around the town and the surrounding Medway area, including Great Lines Heritage Park, home to Chatham’s Naval Memorial and over 70 hectares of open parkland, dotted with pathways to be explored.

This Active 10 walking route is 1.7 miles long in its entirety, consisting of approximately three complete Active 10s if you walk the whole route. However, feel free to walk as little or as much of the route as you feel able to.

From the corner of the High Street and Canterbury Street, head south and turn right onto Lock Street. Turn left onto Saxton Street and then at the end of the street, turn right onto Stafford Street. Cross Marlborough Road and enter the park. Turn left and do a clockwise loop of the park, returning to the point where you entered, and retracing your steps back to your starting point.

Why not give this Active 10 walking route a try next time you’re in Gillingham town centre? Whether it’s during your lunchbreak from work, or taking a break from a shopping trip, this Active 10 walking route is sure to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Active 10 is part of the One You campaign, helping people move towards healthier lifestyles. In Kent, there is the One You Kent campaign. Visit for more information on the campaign. To download the Active 10 app for iOS or Android, search for “Active 10” in the App Store or Google Play or click on the link below:

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