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Valerie and Kevin’s Story

Hear how community dance sessions at a local library are supporting Valerie and Kevin to relieve stress, make new friends, get fit and active.

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We caught up with Valerie and Kevin at Gravesend Library to find out how the community dance sessions delivered by Moving Memory Dance Company are helping them relieve stress, make new friends, get fit and active.

Valerie said “I was looking for some relief from stress. I’d gone through a very bad, stressful time at work. I was looking for somewhere to make new friends and also dance. Dancing makes me feel free. Absolutely fabulous.”

Kevin told us “I would really recommend it because it gets you fit and active and you get to meet some lovely, lovely people.”

If you or someone you know would like to give the community dance sessions a go, then please contact Sian at

Moving Memory Dance Groovin Well Sessions

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