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Rabia’s Story

Hear how community swimming sessions have helped Rabia gain a lifeguard qualification to support her family and friends to become more active.

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We caught up with Rabia from Shishu Kishor Club in Medway, who gained a lifeguard qualification to help support her community swimming sessions, helping her friends and family become more active in a safe and friendly environment.

Rabia told us “The swimming session, we do that on a Saturday. Regular, every week, 3 to 4 p.m. at the Strood Sports Centre. It’s just to get the families together, women, especially these women who don’t go out and swim.

This is the first time I’m a lifeguard. So we’ve got four other lifeguards and these are women in our community becoming a lifeguard. So that’s a big thing for them”.

Rabia also said “For me, it’s socialising with my own family, my children. As you’ve seen in the poolside, it’s amazing just seeing their smiles and developing”.

Shishu Kishor Club, supported by Medway Diversity Forum, received Sport England’s Together Fund via Active Kent & Medway to deliver these swimming sessions for Bangladeshi families. For more information about activities, opportunities and support for members of minority ethnic communities in Medway, please click on the button below:

Medway Diversity Forum