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Barry with boxing gloves on

Chris and Barry’s Story

Hear how community boxfit sessions are supporting Chris and Barry, who are living with Parkinson's, to meet new people, get fit and lose weight in a safe and friendly environment.

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We caught up with Chris and Barry at their TKO Folkestone Boxfit sessions to find out how these community sessions are helping people living with Parkinson’s to get fit, lose weight and meet like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment.

Chris said “Basically, I started coming because I heard that and read the research that it is meant to be good for preventative for degenerative things, you know? So I thought, well, there’s only way this is going on, so I’ll try and prevent it going down that road”.

Barry told us “I knew I had to do something. And I knew that in time I was going to end up in a wheelchair and anything I could do to slow down or stop it, I should do. So I decided to try this because I hadn’t tried it before, and I came along and loved it.”

Chris saidEverybody who comes here, it’s a real mixed bunch, we’ve just all got the commonality of having Parkinson’s and we all just get on with it. Some people have got some elements of the condition, some people have got others. It gives me the ability to talk to people on an equal level and no one is judging you.”

If you or someone you know would like to give these community boxfit sessions a go, then please contact Harrison at

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