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Exercise class for people with parkinsons

Join the Revolution

There is strong scientific evidence that if we put into practice the knowledge that we already have, people can live longer better.  Most of the serious problems that people face before their late nineties are not due to the normal, biological ageing process but to three other processes that can be modified by individuals and society – loss of fitness, disease and negative, ageist thinking.

Read why you should join the revolution and hear from Sir Muir Gray:

An Introduction by Sir Muir Gray

Join the Kent & Medway Live Longer Better Network


Live Longer Better Online Course

Sir Muir Gray has developed a Live Longer Better online course to demonstrate how anyone over the age of 60 should be making active changes to their lifestyle in order to live longer, better. He has pre-recorded 12 lessons, each 6 minutes long, which will give you the fundamentals of changing the way you look at ageing. There are notes attached to the course for further study.


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Stronger My Way

Stronger My Way is a behaviour change campaign from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Sport England to help professionals empower people to do strengthening activity on a more regular basis. With input from people living with long-term conditions, they’ve developed a campaign hub featuring: 

  • Evidence on strengthening and insight from people with lived experiences
  • Signposting to training in key skills such as behaviour change 
  • Resources for patients, including exercise films 

Visit the Stronger My Way Hub

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Physical Activity Resource Packs

The Richmond Group of Charities have developed a series of Physical Activity and Long Term Health Conditions Resource Packs aimed at the sport and physical activity sector, health and care organisations and the health and care workforce.

You will find three bespoke packs each tailored to a specific audience plus case studies and a resource hub via the link below.

Access all the resource packs, case studies and hub

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Deconditioning & Falls Prevention

The National Falls Prevention Co-ordination Group (NFPCG) have developed a suite of five resources intended to support individuals, health and care professionals and commissioners to take action to help older adults become more active and recondition following activity restrictions in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing re-conditioning through increasing physical activity participation among those living in our local communities is important for falls prevention.

View and download all the resources here

Easier to be Active

One in three of people in England live with a health condition and they are twice as likely to be amongst the least physically active, yet we know that being active can help to manage conditions and increase quality and length of life.

The Easier To Be Active campaign explores the ways in which we can help people with long-term health conditions lead a more active lifestyle. The research findings have been used to co-create new insight and recommendations for those who provide, design, commission and deliver sport, physical activity and health and care services.

Access all the Easier To Be Active Resources

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Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine is a comprehensive resource designed to help healthcare professionals integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care. They’ve launched 4 new resources to help healthcare professionals have better conversations about physical activity with people suffering from anxiety, type 1 diabetes, people who are obese and people experiencing menopause.

To help address concerns around physical activity and risk, read the recently launched consensus statement around the safety advice healthcare professionals should give to people with long term health conditions.

Visit Moving Medicine's website

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Consensus Statement

The benefits of physical activity for people living with long term conditions are well established. However, the fear of increasing symptoms or worsening long term problems commonly stops people from moving more. Many healthcare professionals also feel unsure about what advice they should give to people living with symptomatic medical conditions.  To help address concerns around risk, this consensus statement helps to understand what safety advice healthcare professionals should give to people in clinical practice.

Read the Consensus Statement from Moving Medicine

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Centre for Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better is a charitable foundation, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. Their vision is a society where everyone enjoys later life. They want to shift negative attitudes to ageing and older age. To help support organisations in challenging ageism, they have produced a practical guide to talking about ageing and older age.  They have also produced a free comprehensive age-positive image library to tackle negative stereotypes of later life. The images, which depict older people in non-stereotypical ways, are available for download and free to use.

For more evidence and reports on challenging ageism

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Make Your Move

Make Your Move are a series of free short physical activity videos from the charities behind We Are Undefeatable, created especially for people with long term health conditions. Activities are shown in three different ways – chair based, supported and standing, so you can choose the level that feels right for you and your clients.

Access and View all the Make Your Move Videos

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Let’s Move for Surgery

Staying active is important if you’re waiting for or recovering from surgery. If you’re fit and strong, your surgery has the best chance of success, and you’ll likely recover quicker.

Versus Arthritis have produced a Surgery Toolkit where you’ll find tailor-made, follow-along exercise routines for hip, shoulder and knee replacement, as well as full body workouts to help you maintain overall fitness. You can also explore personal stories and advice from those living with arthritis who have been through joint replacement surgery, and tips on keeping active from a physiotherapist.

Access the Toolkit & Free Videos


Free Video Guide for Building Strength

The Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health have developed a helpful video go-to guide to raise awareness of the importance of participating in activities that build muscle strength – which is vital for all of us, and especially important as we get older.

In the video they explain the health and wellbeing benefits of muscle strength and share helpful and practical advice on how people can get started on their journey to become stronger.

Access Video Guide to building strength