Live Longer Better Network – Upcoming Events

Our next Live Longer Better Network event will take place online on Tuesday 30 April, 10am – 11.30am.

The focus of the event will be on activities being delivered in Kent and Medway (physical, cognitive and emotional) and how these can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of everyone as we get older. This is a great opportunity to bring together key speakers and Live Longer Better network members to share national and regional initiatives and discuss experiences, successes and challenges to help us work together to encourage longer, healthier and happier lives for people in Kent and Medway.


If you have any questions about upcoming events, would like to present at one, please contact Michelle Bird, Health & Wellbeing Officer, via email:

Live Longer Better Network – Previous Event Recordings

Date: 13 June 2023. Hear from guest speakers Sir Muir Gray about the importance of activity and movement for healthy ageing and Emily Forster from Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services about the work they do in supporting people with Dementia.

Date: 22 October 2021. In the following recording, please note that the slide visuals start from 4 minutes.