Benefits of Joining a Sport Centre in Medway

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1. Great memberships at affordable prices

The Premier Membership is just £39.95 a month, and gives you access to the gym, all classes and facilities across all four sports centres. It also give you special discounts for other activities like swimming lessons, sports camps, National Heritage venues and more.

Or if you’re more into the gym and swimming pools, the £26.00 a month gym and swim membership gives you access to gyms and pools at all four sports centres.


2. Four local gyms across the Medway towns
3. Wide range of gym equipment

There’s a wide range of gym equipment at all four centres with over 50 cardio machines at Medway Park alone.

4. Lots of fitness classes to choose from

Medway Park and Strood have over 60 weekly classes running, from Boccia to Pilates to Zumba.

If you’re after a different sort of class, take the plunge with water-based classes such as synchronised swimming or diving. You could even test yourself with the mermaid and merman sessions or for a fast-paced cardiovascular workout try a spin class or group cycle at the cycle studios.